No App to download, "Appless"

Turn every customer contact into a unique experience.

A platform that boosts your marketing actions in 3 clicks.

No App to download, "Appless"

Turn every customer contact into a unique experience.

A platform that boosts your marketing actions in 3 clicks.

A boosted customer experience

thanks to augmented reality

Customizable mechanics designed to meet your goals


Popmii launches augmented reality experiences from your mobile browser (google, safari ...).


Our experiences pop on all smartphones and are optimized to appear at a glance in front of you.


Videos, clickable links, forms, quiz ... Our experiences are designed to engage the end user.

And, what is a Web AR ?

Web Augmented Reality is a technology that does not require any downloading but works directly from your mobile browser. It allows the incorporation, in real time, of 2D and 3D interactive virtual elements in the world around us.

A technology with disproportionate impact accessible in a few clicks.

Popmii makes access to augmented reality marketing mechanics easy with ready-to-use models that can be personalized directly on the Popmii platform. With a few clicks, you will be able to select, personalize and deploy your experience in augmented reality.

Whether you are an independent, a restaurant, a convenience store, a small or a large group,Popmii has the solution to your problem.

Let’s talk about numbers, and KPIs

The use of our technology offers a new range of perspectives to reinvent the customer experience.


x3 click rate on links on a Web AR experience.


84% of people share the augmented experience


3 min is the average time spent on Popmii by users


x4, compared to traditional video

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The Platform®

Create your customer experiences in a snap.

No more disappointing experiences.
No more overpriced 3D.

Ready-to-use, interactive and customizable mechanics.

Our platform allows you to choose from hundreds of augmented reality marketing mechanics and customize them with complete autonomy.

They trust us!

To distinguish oneself is to know how to innovate.
Discover the Popmii experience!

Scan the QR code and live in a click the Popmii experience from your mobile.

Question Corner

Augmented Reality (AR) is the real-time compositing of digital assets onto the real world.
Our Web-Based AR technology is primarily used within handheld electronic applications like smartphones and tablets.

The AR experience is initiated by either scanning a QR code with your smartphone camera, or navigating to a unique web-link.
Both of these actions launch the AR experience in your mobile web browser, where our image tracking technology is then used to play a video, animation, or 3D content that is augmented into your reality.

No way! We use cutting-edge Web-based AR technology, which means that our AR experiences require absolutely no 3rd party app download to view.
Simply scan the QR code or navigate to the unique web-link. Only three taps required.

WebAR allows the display of animations, in 3D or not, video streaming and redirection to external links, as well as interactivity.

No, QR codes are not required for our image tracking technology to function properly. They are simply a convenient way for users to navigate to the webpage where the AR experience exists. We recommend that your graphic design includes both a QR code and a short web-link, which we provide. This offers users the option to either scan the QR code, or type in the link, to navigate to the webpage.

Each 3D experience is customizable through our platform.

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