Rise of QR codes and how to make them unique in 2021

These days, Qr codes are everywhere in our daily life. Carrier of histories, values, messages and brands’ codes in a simple image, it arouses curiosity before capting the user into an instant and connected experience.

It is becoming so democratized that 65% of people scan a QR code on a daily basis (source: beaconstac).

However, they are not the most beautiful visual elements in the world. This is why we share with you in this article artistic QR codes or Art QR code.

Yes, combination of form and substance is possible!

Our developers have created campaigns ranging from 2D or 3D AR outdoor advertising (OOH), AR web direct mail, AR web portals, custom 3D animations and more. If you have an idea, our team can deliver it to you.

From now on, the only limit is your imagination (and a few things to take into account anyway :))

As beautiful as it is surprising, the QR code is able to meet the needs of a multitude of professional sectors (luxury goods, fashion, food, culture, tourism, sport, etc.) and it can be deployed both in the digital and in the physical world.

To show you the field of possibilities with QR codes, we unveil our top 10 QR code Art. They can be colorful, animated, classic, contemporary … the QR code is rising and will amaze your users!

Finally, our favorite one was made by Nike:

Innovation, originality and style … we are not surprised that Nike has seized on this latest trend to create a Qr code Art that looks more like a work of art than anything else.

Your turn to try ! Scan the Qr code to be redirected to the home page of the Nike website.

Just do it.

Efficient and full of life, this Qr code should inspire you!

To go further on what can be done with a QR code, we invite you to see:

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