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- What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is the real-time compositing of digital assets onto the real world.
Our Web-Based AR technology is primarily used within handheld electronic applications like smartphones and tablets.

- How does our Augmented Reality work?

The AR experience is initiated by either scanning a QR code with your smartphone camera, or navigating to a unique web-link.
Both of these actions launch the AR experience in your mobile web browser, where our image tracking technology is then used to play a video, animation, or 3D content that is augmented into your reality.

- Do I need to download an app to view Augmented Reality using Popmii?

No way! We use cutting-edge Web-based AR technology, which means that our AR experiences require absolutely no 3rd party app download to view.
Simply scan the QR code or navigate to the unique web-link. Only three taps required.

- What does it allow you to do?

WebAR allows the display of animations, in 3D or not, video streaming and redirection to external links, as well as interactivity.

- How can I use Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality can be used to increase the customer engagement of any traditional media channels as well as into the digital world.
Print advertising, magazines, pull-up banners, billboards, product labels, newsletter, text message, TV ads - AR can be used at any size or scale.

Imagine interactive flyers, magazines and posters that spring to life, and eye-catching new product launches - all powered through AR technology.

- What does it allow you to do?

WebAR allows the display of animations, in 3D or not, video streaming and redirection to external links, as well as interactivity.

- Can I sell Augmented Reality technology to my own customers?

Yes, we work with multiple media agencies using our AR technology to improve their own service offering.
If you'd like more information on how our partnerships work, get in touch.

- How will the end users access the Web AR experience?

Access to augmented reality content is simplified in WebAR, it is as easy as getting access to a website.
A click on the URL or Call to action will drive the end user to the augmented reality experience.
If it is on a printed material you can encode the URL into a QR code. The mobile's camera then decodes the QR code and opens the augmented reality experience directly.
For an even more optimal experience, you can opt for an "Instant AR QRcode", in which your realization is integrated.

- What does Web AR mean ? :

The term is Web Augmented Reality and it refers to an augmented reality experience that is accessed through a web browser rather than through a so-called "native" mobile application.

This means that all you need is your smartphone or tablet and an Internet connection, without having to download an application directly to your phone.

- What are the advantages of Web AR?

WebAR, despite some limitations, has many advantages :

- No mobile application download : Imposing an end user to download a mobile application can be a barrier to the access to the Augmented Reality experience (smartphones already saturated with applications, consumption of mobile memory space ...). WebAR removes this barrier by not imposing any download.

- Compatible with most web browsers : the WebAR is theoretically compatible with all mobile web browsers that allow access to the phone's camera. However, there may be differences in rendering and quality depending on one or the other of these browsers. Certain configurations are recommended for an optimal experience. (cf Web browsers: the best performances)

- Fast Deployment : Customization, creation and deployment of a WebAR application is done quickly because of the freedom and ease offered by web development tools.

- No updates : You are assured to always benefit from the most recent version of the WebAR application. No manual update of the application is required on the user side as it can be the case on a native application.

- Natural integration with statistical tools : A WebAR application generates standard web signals, easily interpreted and processed by statistical monitoring tools. Contact us for any customization request.

Does it work on all internet browsers?

The WebAR is compatible with all web browsers that allow access to the camera and interpret the WebAssembly. However, there may be differences in performance and rendering between some browsers.

Popmii offers optimal performance on the 2 following standard browsers:

- Safari (Apple / IOS): Compatible with the web browsers IOS 11 (2017) and above. As Apple only allows access to the phone's camera on its Safari browser, any other browser installed on IOS will not allow the WebAR experience.

Since Apple only allows access to the phone's camera on its Safari browser, any other browser installed on IOS will not allow the WebAR experience.
- Google Chrome (Android): Optimal compatibility with Chrome 60 (2017) update and beyond.

- The majority of native browsers offered by manufacturers are also compatible.

If the experience is not compatible with the current browser, Popmii will automatically offer the user to open a compatible browser.

- Is it possible to track an image?

Through Popmii, it is possible to upload an image to track. As soon as it is done, Popmii will automatically detect and track any uploaded image. It works even on curve images. There you can find an example.

- Pourquoi choisir une WebAR plutôt qu’une AR sur réseau sociaux ?

A WebAR is accessible by 3.7 billion smartphones worldwide. That's the most people you can reach. Snapchat is the social network with the most AR users: 265 million alone.

Why should you choose WebAR over Native App AR ?

Reach. 90% of people will lose interest if you ask them to download a new application so they can live a 3D experience. WebAR eliminates this bottleneck.

How long does it take to customize 3D content and to launch an AR campaign?

It can take less than 5 min if you use our turnkey AR experience or three to four days for an experience made from scratch.

- How much does it cost ?

Our pricing starts at 25 euros per month. It allows you to choose between hundreds of turnkey augmented reality experiences, to customize them and to deploy them by using either the URL link itself or embedded into a QR code.

- Do I need to include a QR code in my graphic design?

No, QR codes are not required for our image tracking technology to function properly. They are simply a convenient way for users to navigate to the webpage where the AR experience exists. We recommend that your graphic design includes both a QR code and a short web-link, which we provide. This offers users the option to either scan the QR code, or type in the link, to navigate to the webpage.

- How does the end user personalize the AR content?

Each 3D experience is customizable through our platform.

- How can the end user change the video in an AR experience?

A clickable button allows the user to change the video present in the 3D experience.

- Is it possible for the end user to share the content on social network, text messages?

Popmii has a feature that allows viral augmented reality. At the end of the experience, users can click on a “share button” and share the 3D experience through What’s app, Social Medias, Text, E-mail, etc...

- Is it possible to live the experience through a Website or e-commerce website?

Yes, 3D experiences are available from URL links that can be added to any website page.

- E-commerce website integration : does a tool need to be added to the website?

No need to add a tool in your website. It is a check box that is linked to our API. Our solution has been designed to be easy to integrate.

- What about the integration of the tool in the customer journey? Will he/she receive an email or create the message before purchasing?

It doesn’t touch the customer journey. At the moment they are validating the basket, they can choose to personalize the product with a video message in augmented reality. They check the box and as soon as they pay, they receive an email to start the creation of their video. So, it is after they purchased the product.

- Do we have a maximum video size?

Yes, the maximum size of the video is 15Mo.

- Do we need a specific video format?

No need for a specific format. Most of our 3D experiences are tailored for portrait mode videos. However landscape videos are available in some of the 3D experiences.

-Where is the Web AR experience hosted?

All our Web AR experiences are hoster either on AWS or OVH in France.

- How do I promote my AR experience?

There are many ways to promote the AR experience you have made. Into the physical world using the QR code on Flyer, Magazine, Poster, Stickers, TV screen. Into the digital world using Call to action on website, newsletter, text or whats app message, social network (facebook, instagram), push notifications Is there a way to promote the Ar experience you’re interested in that isn’t listed here? If you’d like to find out more, feel free to reach out to us.

- How can I create a QR code for my AR experience?

Popmii’s platform creates automatic QR code. If needed, you can as well use the link to create your own QR code thanks to easy tool like : - QR code monkey (here) - Egoditor (here)

- Who can access the personalized videos I uploaded in augmented reality ?

Personalized videos uploaded on a Popmii 3D experience can be seen by the persons you share the link or QR code with. No one else.

- Can I get datas from augmented reality experiences ?

Yes, each 3D experience has its own statistical report. Each data is collected in compliance with the GDPR.

- Can we change or delete an augmented reality experience using Popmii?

Using Popmii you have both options. We can change the animated content anytime as well as we can delete the content.



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