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AR takes over the realm of books!

As the empire of Augmented Reality (AR) continues to grow, one territory is being conquered by this futuristic invention: the world of books. Indeed, some publishers have chosen to add animated AR images to make the story more appealing.

But it goes beyond that, as they create a conducive environment for each story, taking the senses into account. This makes readers feel like they're part of the story and experiencing what the characters are feeling. What if Popmii joined in ? Publishers are therefore deciding to partner with startups working in the field of augmented reality. Could Popmii be a player in this book market?

With their latest creation that conveys a message through WEB AR, the young startup might very well conquer a publishing world eager to stay up-to-date! If characters could speak through Popmii, publishers would be clamoring for it.

In short, even the book world is starting to utilize augmented reality. Books come to life thanks to AR! Ikea has even transformed its traditional furniture catalog into an interactive magazine that allows you to visualize furniture in your living space. On the science fiction front, two men have created an adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a very unsettling universe.

The computer displays images as one turns the pages of the physical book. IKEA catalog in AR Sony invents a way to animate book images Publishers are even considering creating an augmented reality paper book that incorporates technology. It remains to be seen whether this brilliant idea can be realized. After all, nothing is impossible when it comes to new technologies! Sony and Google have decided to take a closer look at the use of paper books to modify them.

At the SXSW (South by Southwest music festival) in March 2019,

Sony unveiled its new invention: a flat surface with sensors that detect any object placed on it. If a book is placed on it, the images within will animate thanks to this innovation.

Augmented reality school books

"Sony a exposé au SXSW (festival de musique South by Southwest) en mars 2019 sa nouvelle invention : une surface plane avec des capteurs qui détectent tout objet posé sur cette surface. Si l’on pose un livre dessus, les images qu’il y a dedans vont s’animer grâce à cette innovation." Google wants to immerse readers in books with two incredible patents!

Google, for its part, has filed two patents related to books and augmented reality. The first would be a book paired with a screen, with a digital version overlaying each page. The second patent is even more complex to implement: the pop-up book. Touch sensors would be integrated into the book's pages so that digital images display each time a page is turned. An auditory experience would also be added through a speaker located in the book's spine.. AR books for children As you've understood, the publishing world is falling prey to AR-related inventions.

This race for modernization will impact the paper book market, whether for better or worse. AR is becoming the favorite playground of companies, and paper will soon be an endangered species in our society. A bientôt sur popmii_blog !

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