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Turn your year-end communication into engaging content

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Immerse your holiday greeting cards and end-of-year celebrations in the world of 3D and augmented reality with Popmii Moments.

Get ready to discover a revolution in the world of communication! Explore corporate communication that goes beyond words, plunging you into a captivating 3D and augmented reality world. The corporate culture will never be the same after this.

The power of 3D and augmented reality.

Step into the future of corporate communication. 3D and augmented reality are more than just

trendy technologies; they are transformative tools.

In a world where attention is a scarce commodity, these technologies hold your audience's attention

for an average of 90 seconds.

Longer than most of your campaigns, isn't it?

Triple interaction rates!

The results speak for themselves.

With 3D and augmented reality, you can triple your interaction rates.

Employees won't be able to resist interacting with personalized 3D messages.

Employee engagement is soaring!

Skyrocketing prospect conversion

Expect a staggering 94% increase in conversion rates.

Prospects turn into loyal customers through 3D/AR experiences.

It's time to turn the curious into brand ambassadors.

Compelling testimonials

Leading companies like Orange and BDO have already embraced this revolution. It's not just a tool; it's an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Personalized communication and brand impact

3D and augmented reality communication offer more than just messages.

They strengthen your corporate culture by creating unforgettable moments.

Welcome messages for new employees, company anniversary messages, thank you messages

to suppliers, and much more. It's the key to customer retention and brand enhancement.

Don't fall behind!

Explore this innovation to transform your business relationships.

The generation of 3D messages is limitless, just like the opportunities to strengthen your

corporate culture and attract new prospects.

It's time to be creative and innovative.

In conclusion, don't let this opportunity slip by.

3D and augmented reality are the secret weapons to boost your internal communication,

attract new talent, and impress your clients.

Join the revolution and transform your corporate culture dramatically.

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